We are a platform, we are a voice, we are an outlet for the many barbers in the industry to let their story be told. We all have a story to tell and we bring that story to you, we give you the ability to let everyone know that barbers just don’t pick up a pair of clippers and start working in a barbershop, or own one. Dues were paid, trials and tribulations were experienced, but what our main goal is and always will be is to show a different side of barbering that you may not know. We strive to show that there is so much more in this industry than behind the chair, with our hard hitting feature rightfully named “beyond the chair”, to our showcasing of barbers and stylist throughout America. We want to prove that the misconceptions of barbershops and barbers are wrong, that we don’t have the easiest of jobs in the world. Within the stories and truths to be told by the barbers they will showcase more than the haircuts they give. they will show the human side of the men and women who worked hard to get to this point, and our mission is to show an appreciation to those who been through it and continue to push through and be proud to be called a barber. This is your platform, this is your voice, this is your magazine.