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The Barbering Is Life Expo 2017

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Clipper culture clothing: From the dream to reality

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Jazmyn Hernandez as Sweetie Todd

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The event was called The Barbering Is Life Expo. The host was Tone Cutz. The Place was the Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this may not be the most exciting intro to a story about a great barber expo so we at the line up barber magazine will start over. Ladies and gentlemen of all ages!!!! …


We sat down with the industries top barbering clothing apparel, Clipper Culture Clothing from Bethlehem,Pa and spoke about his dream that was brought to reality with his clothing line. His ideas are fresh and always on point with today trends and culture. It is truly one of the best for its concepts and design. So …


Berks County Barber Battle and Kick Jam 2… Barbers and Sneakers; the Beautiful Marriage. Some artist paint on canvas while some artist perform on the grand stage but this past January a group of talented artist known as “the barbers” took the term performing to a whole new level in the Berks county barber battle …