Chris Osorio: I am Chrizzy Cuts

A round of applause for my guy right here, Chris Osorio. he’s young, he’s sharp, he’s a whisker boy! But first and foremost he’s a friend. we got a chance to hear the story of this young talent and one of the best barbers in Sinking Spring, PA.

I have always been around barbering. at a early age my father was a barber and I am my fathers son, so following in the footsteps only meant working twice as hard because those were some big shoes to fill. When I turned 15 years old is when my older brother Ricardo osorio jr decided to put a pair of clippers into my hands and said “you’re joining the family business.” I really didn’t take it too seriously until I graduated high school. I knew that college wasn’t for everyone and it wasn’t for me either so I enrolled into barber school.

I fell for the art of barbering after completing barber school, where I got my first shot at Mike and joes barber salon. I learned a lot under the barbers who worked there, including my brother Ricardo, who was working there until his shop (whiskers barber co.) was opened. I enjoyed my time at Mike and Joes. then that it took me to whiskers barber co. I competed in my first barber battle and took home a first place trophy, which not only brought up my confidence but it has made me want to keep improving my skill. I want to keep competing. with all that being said, im just getting better everyday.

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