Joel the hair surgeon

When I got a chance to sit with Joel the hair surgeon I was taken back because this isn’t just a great talented barber, this was my friend and I was proud to not only know him but to have the opportunity to hear his story. now it is your turn to get a chance to meet the hair surgeon well its surgery time and the doc is in.

I spent many years in the US Army, where I served overseas, was wounded in combat, and lost some friends. My road to being a barber was not traditional or easy but it was well worth it. At a time when I needed something in my life… the world of hair came calling. Being involved in the hair industry is an incredible thing. It has allowed me an outlet for creativity, and to connect with people in a very personal way. The overwhelming support I’ve received throughout my career has been astonishing. Even the likes of local artists have stood by me and helped along the way, and for that I am in debt to them. Not to mention, the Pennsylvania scene is heavily saturated with talent. I am beyond grateful to even be recognized. These type of things are what has shaped the way I live, my attitude, and my personality. The hair industry has made my quality of life exponentially better. I have my Aunt, Joanne Ferro, and my wife Cara Sharp, to thank for teaching me nearly everything I know. My aunt was my instructor in school and my wife has always been great at sharing her knowledge with me. After many years of watching and learning, Dwane Moyer (owner of STAGG Barber Co.) found me and saw potential. He hired me on the spot. I have been with the company since its grand opening. In summation, if I could give some advice to the masses, it would be this… Please spread positivity and love. Stop being passive aggressive, or underhanded, or hurtful. Bring others into your life and learn from them, or teach them.

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