Ryan Terreson: Growth Got Me Here

It is not every day when you get a chance to talk with a talent like Ryan Terreson, a young talent that is ready to show the industry that he is definitely a barber to look out for. We sat with Ryan and talked about his story.

My story starts with me being a student to the art at Charlie Haynes barber school where I earned my hours to receive my barbering license. It took me back to school, but this time to be a barber educator. After accomplishing both chapters in my career I knew that it was only up from here. I worked in a few shops until I could find a barbershop that best suited my needs and was the perfect fit for my talent.

I’m a damn whisker boy! I am employed at Whiskers Barber Company and I educate the future of this industry at the American Barber Academy, where not only are we shaping up hair, we are shaping up the lives of future barbers everywhere. I praise staying positive as the major factor in my continued success and keeping positive influences inside and outside the industry, working alongside those who don’t condone complacency only fuels my fire to be the best that I can be.

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