Will Lebron: A Breath Of Fresh Air

Sitting with Mike and joes barber Will Lebron  of reading,pa to hear his story of what was thought to be a let down turned victorious. This young barber could’ve turned away and let everything slip away but this is a comeback story like being down 3-1 has  left this barber on top of his game. 13 is a lucky number so they say and at 13 years old my luck changed I started to fall in love with the one thing that changed my life I fell for barbering. Born and raised in a small city I was taught by my friend Abdiel Rivera who taught me how to cut and shown me his passion for the art and it only grew on me matching passions for the industry only makes one want to grow more as a barber. I grew up in a household where my parents pushed me and encouraged me to follow my dream of being a barber. Having strict parents only taught me to stay focused and it kept me in line so I didn’t have a choice but to succeed so failure was never an option. So I enrolled into the American barber academy earning my hours and my way at the same time all the while making ends meet to pay my tuition. Then something happened to me that I never thought would’ve. before class had began like I always do I watch motivational videos to help me stay focused… when my lung collapsed. I was immediately rushed to the hospital and after a month i knew that this wasn’t going to prevent me from accomplishing my dream. Today  I sit back and take a look back on what I’ve been through and can honestly say “this didn’t kill me but it did change me it made me stronger and it only has wanting it even more”

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