The Barbering Is Life Expo 2017

The event was called The Barbering Is Life Expo. The host was Tone Cutz. The Place was the Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this may not be the most exciting intro to a story about a great barber expo so we at the line up barber magazine will start over. Ladies and gentlemen of all ages!!!! It is now time for one of the hottest barber expos of the summer the barbering is life expo!!!! The expo was hosted by an amazing talented barber Tone Cutz who was not only hosting he was orchestrating a masterpiece within his barbering is life expo. It was a very well ran show from its very beginning to its timely starts and finishes to the competitions. Which were the student competition ,the fast fade, beard and haircut and the design competition. judges were chosen within the industry that included the talented crispy Jeannie the amazing Faheem the barber and the capo the original beard sculptor himself al uppercut to name a few. The panel of judges were filled with big names and paid close attention to detail by asking questions and eying up each of the competitors it was truly a sight to be hold at that time. The one thing that stood out most to us at the line up barber magazine was that during each competition once the judges were done observing they took the time to circle the Fillmore and network with fellow barbers. To me that meant a lot and it showed a lot about the expo from the host to the judges that they made everyone feel welcomed there was a lot to be taken away from the barbering is life expo for any barber trying or wanting to create his or her own masterpiece. Vendors throughout our industry were in attendance displaying their products for our business. companies like clipper culture clothing, barber guru, barber geeks and the shows top sponsor in maestros classic who were in attendance displaying haircuts and being the biggest support system for the host Tone Cutz. The line up barber magazine had the chance to speak with few barbers in attendance to find out what they thought of the show “it’s a dope spot to have a show from the stage and venue it screamed everything barber show” said a young barber he continued to say “this is my second show of my early career and I gotta say I love this one” it was all love on the 25th of June in Philadelphia, Pa it was all barberly love in many aspects. We took the time during the expo to sit and look around at the brilliance and essence of networking at its best from numbers and instagram names being exchanged it is a different type of atmosphere. In a perfect world people would treat each other as good as barbers treat other barbers in our industry. The expo preached respect it showed that within the spirit of competition that the levels of respect were risen and a community of barbers grew only bigger. We at the line up barber magazine recommend that every barber or stylist take the time and attend the barbering is life expo next year. Tone Cutz and his crew will not disappoint we enjoyed our time and enjoyed the hottest show of the summer the barbering is life expo.

The line up barber magazine had an opportunity to talk with Tone Cutz of the barbering is life expo to get his thoughts after his event. Tone mentioned it was all hard work that made the final product all worth it. From the late nights and meetings with his team to which he credits the success of the show to as well. “Without my team and organization who knows what the expo could’ve been” said Tone. We asked Tone what was the one thing that you live by that helped you throughout creating your expo in response to our question Tone replied ” create a vision and execute” and with that being said we at the barber magazine say “good show” til next time.

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