Grow-A-Pair Cut-A-Thon

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The Barbering Is Life Expo 2017

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The Barbershop And Client Relationship

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Beyond The Chair With Eric Rodriguez

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Clipper culture clothing: From the dream to reality

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Kayla Distasio: The Wizard Of Color

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Teaching by definition is the act, practice or profession of a teacher. modern male barbershop in Sellersville, Pa, has taken the teachings and lessons of the barbering trade and created the apprentice program. Students from the area are scheduled in and times are broken down to a science, teaching these young men the responsibilities of …

By: David McFarland Jr.   “Hey Mr. DJ! Everybody’s ready to party!” This commonly known lyric derived from the soulful stylings of the lovely R&B tandem Zhane’, properly illustrates; the significance of a song, its purpose when played, as well as the reliance a responsibility of the commander of ceremonies. Witty wordplay aside, most of …

Berks County Barber Battle and Kick Jam 2… Barbers and Sneakers; the Beautiful Marriage. Some artist paint on canvas while some artist perform on the grand stage but this past January a group of talented artist known as “the barbers” took the term performing to a whole new level in the Berks county barber battle …

We got to sit with Dwayne Moyer, the owner of Stagg Barbershop in Reading, PA, and learned so much about the essence of being a Stagg master. we are so proud of our friend Dwayne who is the true definition of being a Stagg man. As a kid, going to the barbershop was always a …

A round of applause for my guy right here, Chris Osorio. he’s young, he’s sharp, he’s a whisker boy! But first and foremost he’s a friend. we got a chance to hear the story of this young talent and one of the best barbers in Sinking Spring, PA. I have always been around barbering. at …

When I got a chance to sit with Joel the hair surgeon I was taken back because this isn’t just a great talented barber, this was my friend and I was proud to not only know him but to have the opportunity to hear his story. now it is your turn to get a chance …

Gilbert “guilty hands” Nazario, one of Reading, Pa’s top barbers. Gil just isn’t an up and coming barber, he has been doing this for a long time. We got a chance to talk with this great talent and hear about his time served for having guilty hands. I plead guilty at the age of 15 …

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