Crispy Jeannie: Never Looked Back

Where do I begin about this talented barber? She is a staple at DSG barbershop in Philadelphia, PA and is a premiere barber in the industry. We sat down with Crispy Jeannie and spoke with her about her career how it all started to where it is headed…

8 years in this business but that isn’t where we begin. This isn’t a once upon a time story but it does have a happy ending. My father was my biggest influence I started watching him do eyebrows with a single blade razor. He would shape my mother’s eyebrows and my own until he taught me exactly how to do it. I would do my family members and fell in love with cutting hair. My mother who was a great support system for me bought me my first pair of clippers where I sharpened my craft by cutting family and a few friends. One summer day in my sophomore year of high school, a group of friends and I set out to the lake but we didn’t have any money for drinks and food so we tied a cooler to one of our bikes and I had an idea to make some money. I walked into the very same place where my future began. I walked into sharp city barbershop where I asked the owner if he’d like to buy my i-touch for 20 dollars, it would’ve covered all that we needed to enjoy our day. During my time in the barbershop I took notice that there were only four barbers but six chairs. it was then that I mentioned to the owner “I cut hair.” he looked at me like I was crazy because I was a girl which only made me work harder just to prove myself. He said “I’ll give you a shot… bring a model on Sunday and if you hook him up you got the job.” nervously I asked him “don’t I need a license?”, He said “we will take care of that, just bring your A game”. I showed up that Sunday, did a number two all even and made sure that the edges were so sharp that if you touched them you’d slice yourself. He gave me the job and I earned my hours. I was just starting off so building a clientele was going to be tough but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. If I didn’t do a cut a whole week or barely made rent. my parents who believed in me went above and beyond as parents to help me achieve my dreams and help pay my chair rental. Until one day I felt I needed to grow as a barber so I took my talents to DSG barbershop, working for Danny “swift” Garcia. i been there for two years now learning and growing by also watching videos and following barbers on Instagram. It has really helped me be the barber I am today. Working for the Garcia family has taught me to work hard and that nobody will ever give you nothing for nothing, that “Philadelphia mentality tough as nails lifestyle.” I carry the lessons that life as a barber has taught me and will forever be in love with art. it has done well for me and my family and it keeps me focused and humbled. Barbering has kept me in tunnel vision and I never looked back.

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