Vanezza Urueta: Full circle

Master stylist just isn’t a word thrown around to just anyone but in the case of Vanezza Urueta, master stylist doesn’t even begin to best describe this unbelievable talented hairstylist. We sat with Vanezza to hear her story.

Where do I begin when drawing my circle?

Ok, I guess we’ll start from the beginning… An accidental passion as a young girl with braiding hair and styling it took to me where we begin. I was sixteen years old and I found myself at a local barbershop gaining the experience I needed. paying attention to detail which gave me all the motivation to enroll myself into Empire Beauty School. After graduating and earning my license I found myself at Ulta Beauty where I worked for a great four years. I wanted to see what else was out there and worked in a few salons where the improvement of my skill was honed. With hair the styles and cuts are forever changing and keeping up with the trends only meant staying fresh and keeping up with the times. I promoted myself and knew that was the only way to get ahead in this industry and along with that came professional growth. Which now brings me back to the beginning where it all started for me. I was approached with the idea of returning to Ulta Beauty as a master stylist. I toyed with the very idea of my return. After sitting on the notion, I am now a proud member of the Ulta family again. I truly enjoy and love my clientele, without them I don’t know what would be of Vanezza today. That is the fuel that keeps me doing this for them. There are a million things I could’ve been, but in the midst of it all, after completing my full circle I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

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