Berks County Barber Battle and Kick Jam 2

Berks County Barber Battle and Kick Jam 2… Barbers and Sneakers; the Beautiful Marriage.

Some artist paint on canvas while some artist perform on the grand stage but this past January a group of talented artist known as “the barbers” took the term performing to a whole new level in the Berks county barber battle and kick jam. Hundreds filled the Crowne Plaza in Reading, PA to see these true artist in their craft show off and show out their skills in five categories from the 15 minute fast fade, the comb over, freestyle design and baldy with a beard shape up along with a student competition the future of this industry has never looked brighter with the many talented students leading the way. Barbers from across the region and surrounding states came to compete and enjoy the essence that is the barber battle. Vendors within the trade were in attendance selling tools and articles of clothing representing everything barbering. Host Eric Rodriguez stated ” this was the biggest in our two year show and it can only get bigger from here.” Eric Rodriguez hosted the Berks county barber battle, while Mr. and Mrs. Retro fever, along with DJ Junior, ran the kick jam. It was also filled with sneaker vendors from around the area so many pairs of sneakers were on display for purchase and trade. During the barber battle judges within the industry paid very close attention to details and judged upon the many required categories. “It was an honor to judge this show and everyone did a great job” a statement by Al Uppercut who was the lead judge with the industries best. With trophies cash and clippers provided by the events biggest sponsor; Babyliss, the winners were announced and presented with the prizes. “This was is one of my greatest accomplishment as a barber and I take this seriously” said a 1st place winner in the battle. The barber battle showed more than friendly competition, it showed a brotherhood amongst barbers putting aside the egos for the art and the spirit of the barber battle. It spoke volumes to the many in attendance that when good people do great things that good accomplishments are even greater.

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