Dwayne Moyer

We got to sit with Dwayne Moyer, the owner of Stagg Barbershop in Reading, PA, and learned so much about the essence of being a Stagg master. we are so proud of our friend Dwayne who is the true definition of being a Stagg man.

As a kid, going to the barbershop was always a cool experience. Watching the barbers sling hair, doing shaves and slamming grease on the hair to style it, to me was an art form. After serving in the Military for 10 years and returning from Iraq I decided it was time for a career change. I remember saying to myself “man I love barbering and maybe I could learn a new skill due to I knew college just wasn’t for me.

I wanted a career with a skill so I took my passion to barber school. while I was there, I fell in love with the art of classic haircuts, from Pomps, slick backs, flat tops and the classic shave. The rockabilly lifestyle drew to me, so being a huge Elvis Presley fan I knew the type of haircuts I always wanted to give. I knew that with time and hard work that one day I would want to own my own barbershop dedicated to the classic styles of barbering where a man can be a man and get the haircut and shave he desired. I created a concept and a vision of Stagg Barber Company. the name stands for “sophisticated. tonsorial. asthetic. gentlemens. groooming.”

Stagg Barber company is dedicated to the classic looks and styles specializing in the gentlemen’s service. We truly care about how you look and feel once you leave our establishment. We are blessed to have a great staff of barbers that believe in what we are about . If it weren’t for our clients we wouldn’t be in the position we are in today, giving the many that grace our doors an experience, rather than just another great place to get a great haircut.

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