Clipper culture clothing: From the dream to reality

We sat down with the industries top barbering clothing apparel, Clipper Culture Clothing from Bethlehem,Pa and spoke about his dream that was brought to reality with his clothing line. His ideas are fresh and always on point with today trends and culture. It is truly one of the best for its concepts and design. So let’s get to know the essence that is Clipper Culture Clothing.

The line was started because the ideas were always there and from being a barber I knew the market for barber apparel. In 2016, at the Connecticut barber expo, I noticed a lot of the brands being sold in the booths and felt my ideas were fresh and perfect for a line. then a friend of mine said “your ideas are just as good and you’d do well”, so letting it sink in I returned home to speak with my wife about the ideas and mentioned about a barber line. Her response was immediately filled with support and the birth of Clipper Culture Clothing was born and put into full motion.

I felt that being an independent brand, I’d give 100% of myself to give the men and women of barbering the greatest of designs and craziest logos all barber related. My motivating factor is coming from nothing and making something out of myself. I guess you can say I strive from the struggle.

I’ve always been a creative person, it came naturally to me. I had so many ideas and concepts imprisoned in my mind that it just needed a push to get out. I often ask myself that if I wasn’t a barber, would my brand have existed? I would say no because the art of barbering is a huge part of the brand. I can not do something I’m not passionate about so the line would not be even on my mind. My passion and hard work ethic will show through my line and I hope that people that purchase and believe in my line see that as well.

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