Kayla Distasio: The Wizard Of Color

There are color specialist and then there is the hair wizard Kayla Distasio, who has taken coloring hair to a level unmatched by many. We sat with Kayla and heard her story and we are proud to have made a friend in Kayla, she is definitely one to keep our eyes out for.

Passion was in my blood it was instilled in me through my mother Holly James, who also is a stylist at salon Lora in Reading, PA. I always had an eye on alternative styles and love dimensional blonde or a rich brunette, nothing ever peaked my interest like vivid hair. I always wanted to do vivid hair coloring and all corrective coloring that many of my peers shied away from. The knack for coloring hair was always there as I went head first with gusto, wanting to learn to perfect the art of vivid and creative coloring. My specialty is hair coloring, the more challenging the canvas, the more I thrive. My eye for color and the excitement for mixing colors. My clients and I create to make a piece of art into a masterpiece. I may be a tiny girl but my goals and dreams are bigger and so with that nothing will stand in my way of making an impact in this industry. I promote myself on social media and gained clients off them, so recommending young stylist to use it helps create revenue and so I highly endorse they connect with people on a personal level before they meet them. It’s key. I am Kayla Distasio. I am not just a hair color specialist, I am the hair wizard.

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